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Five O'Clock Shadow

News & Notes:

  • USC AD Pat Haden was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday, but was alert and talking as he entered an ambulance. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
  • Someone's life is about to change: Notre Dame is looking for a graduate assistant.
  • Big Sky commissioner John Fullerton will step down this summer after 20 years on the job.

And now for the rest of the story:

Ten years ago, Barry Odom was a DFO and Mike Norvell was a GA at an FCS program. Where were they then?

Where were they then? Examining where FBS head coaches were 10 years ago

Finally, a bit of sanity has returned to the NCAA. Now only 987 more issues to go.

Steve Kerr explains how he had to win his players' trust before he could rip them.

Steve Kerr explains how he had to earn his players’ trust before he could get on to them

This will be the best non-football piece you read all day.

Gregg Popovich is just the best. The absolute best.

I submit to you that no coach has been more entertaining in a 13-month period, ever, than Jim Harbaugh at Michigan.

Jim Harbaugh fires back at complaints from the SEC with a single, simple Twitter question

Interesting data from ESPN recruiting analyst Gerry Hamilton.

Some food for thought on recruiting.

“In recruiting, if you think of it, you should do it”