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Five O'Clock Shadow - Game of Thrones Trailer Edition

News & Notes

  • Headlined by trading DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans, the Philadelphia Eagles are rapidly ridding themselves of every Chip Kelly acquisition.
  • Calvin Johnson has officially announced his retirement at age 30. He leaves the game as the NFL record holder for receiving yards per game.
  • Lovie Smith is targeting former Buccaneer Hardy Nickerson as his defensive coordinator, sources told FootballScoop. He is also reportedly after Garrick McGee as offensive coordinator.

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Today in "we are all old."

Under Armour's ad promoting Michael Phelps' last Olympics. The NCAA is making it easier to stop games for targeting and harder to get away with breaking the ineligible receiver downfield rule.

Electronic devices will now be allowed in the press box and the locker room

Game of Thrones trailer Game of Thrones trailer Game of Thrones trailer Game of Thrones trailer

Interesting ethical questions raised by this high school in Washington state.

Does a high school have grounds to fire a coach for brewing his own beer?


Nice to see the Orange Bowl loss hasn't toned Baker Mayfield down at all.

The top ten NFL head coaches that would succeed in college football.

The Top Ten NFL coaches that would succeed in college football

Speaking of Mike Tomlin, he broke a near four-month Twitter silence to tell his running back to stop criticizing Peyton Manning.

An NAIA program is winning its way into debt.

Post season trips are costing an NAIA athletic department $500,000 annually: “It doesn’t work to say we’re just not going to the playoffs”