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Five O'Clock Shadow - Nightmare Fuel Edition

News & Notes

  • In a truly shocking bit of news, the Indianapolis Colts announced Friday they will retire Peyton Manning's No. 18 jersey and erect a statue of him outside Lucas Oil Stadium.
  • Salary details for Les Miles' 2016 staff are now public.
  • Bracket things are happening.

And now for the rest of the story....

Jim Harbaugh and Art Briles are the new Dale and Brennan.

Jim Harbaugh and Art Briles are quickly becoming besties

Fuel for your next nightmare.

This will be the best thing you watch this week. Promise.

This motivational talk from former Vol Inky Johnson is worth sharing with your staff and players

Even more nightmare fuel depending on the location of the Hawks' mascot.

Seems like Scottie Montgomery is very much enjoying being a head coach.

Scottie Montgomery explains why he won’t be needing a Five-Hour energy drink after practice anymore

The Glove Jr. with the dunk of the tournament so far.

All chop blocks could now be illegal, and other possible changes for next NFL season.

19 rules changes proposed for the 2016 NFL season, including awarding a bonus challenge for getting first two right

No one knows dumb controversies quite like baseball.