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Five O'Clock Shadow - Boaty McBoatface Edition

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And now for the rest of the story....

Mike Gundy's comments about the Big 12 underscore the conference's biggest issue.

Mike Gundy’s comments on the Big 12 underscore the conference’s biggest problem

Nice ice burn here from Gene Smith toward TTUN.

President Obama is in Cuba. So is Les Miles. We know why POTUS is there, but here are some guesses as to why Les is.

The top 7 guesses on why Les Miles is visiting Cuba this week

If you're not going to honor the will of the people, why even hold an election at all? Slippery slope, if you ask me.

Joe Maddon continues to be the best manager in baseball.

Bret Bielema on what it means to be a Razorback.

Bret Bielema explains the Razorback definition of class in an inspiration letter to the principal of a HS recruit

If you couldn't already tell, the Spurs are the official NBA team of the Five O'Clock Shadow.

The nine biggest college football stories since Signing Day.

The Nine Biggest College Football Stories Since Signing Day

Be honest, who among us hasn't had this happen a million times before?

The energy of D.J. Durkin's program at Maryland is evident in this video.

Video: You can feel the new energy at Maryland under DJ Durkin and his staff