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Five O'Clock Shadow - Cheeseburger Dog Edition

News & Notes

  • Akron has promoted Brett Ekkins to offensive line coach.
  • The Cleveland Browns signed Robert Griffin III to a two-year contract.
  • The NFL and New York Times are in a pissing match.
  • The NCAA Tournament fires back up tonight.

And now for the rest of the story...

Chris Ash explains his "edge" in coaching Rutgers.

Chris Ash explains his “on edge” coaching approach and how it’s changing the culture at Rutgers

This... makes perfect sense, actually.

Building a staff, Belichick style.

How to build a staff, Bill Belichick style: Hire young coaches, develop them and promote them

Michigan AD Warde Manuel has reportedly told Jim Harbaugh to "reel it in" on social media. This is a terrible idea, Warde.

Is it happening again?

Bruce Arians makes his argument for the game of football.

Bruce Arians: People that wouldn’t let their sons play football are fools

Me, every time I swing a golf club.

Charlie Strong says Texas is about to start "steamrolling everyone." Kliff Kingsbury: "Oh really?"

Kliff Kingsbury’s response to Charlie Strong’s “we’re going to steamroll everyone” comment: “Is it April Fools?”

Why James Franklin thinks 3-and-outs are "disgusting."

Franklin on managing play calling and tempo: “3-and-outs are always one of the most disgusting things ever”

And finally, which of these hot dogs look best... or, perhaps more accurately, least disgusting? Cracker jack dog or cheeseburger dog?