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Five O'Clock Shadow - College Football History Edition

News & Notes

  • The NCAA will distribute a one-time $200 million fund, divvied up on a per-athlete basis, to be used on any student-athlete support the school chooses.
  • Fresno State has announced future games with Texas A&M and Arizona State. The Bulldogs will play Alabama, Washington and BYU in 2017 as well.
  • LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings has been granted his release to transfer. He will be a senior in 2016.

And now for the rest of the story...

A look at what the major storylines in college football will be... one month into the season.

Predicting college football’s major storylines one month into the 2016 season

Thanks to UniWatch, I came across this photo of the 1964 Liberty Bowl, pitting Utah and West Virginia and played in the Atlantic City Convention Hall in Atlantic City, N.J. It was the first indoor college football game ever played.

indoor football

Do yourself a favor and read this story on former Stanford defensive line coach Randy Hart.

You need to read this story on one of college football’s great assistant coaches

Any guesses as to what he's watching?

Coaches' job hopping is being used as justification for a lawsuit to drop the one-year playing time restriction on player transfers.

A federal lawsuit is challenging the NCAA’s transfer rules – and cites the coaching market as evidence

This is some good stuff from Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen.

Come on, come all and watch Jim Harbaugh get lei'd.

Come watch Jim Harbaugh get lei’d

This is all the justification we need to start a war with all foxes.

Willie Fritz on building a tough team without tackling in practice.

Willie Fritz: You can create tough physical teams without tackling in practice, but it’s an art