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Five O'Clock Shadow - Don't Mess With Bryce Harper Edition

Bryce Harper

News & Notes

  • Paul Petrino has turned down an opportunity to be Bobby Petrino's offensive coordinator at Louisville, sources told FootballScoop Friday.
  • In a move no one saw coming, the Cleveland Browns have cut ties with Johnny Manziel.
  • In a move no one really saw coming, the New York Jets are in talks with Robert Griffin III.
  • Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos have signed Mark Sanchez and, according to reports, are looking to add another quarterback.

And now for the rest of the story...

A baseball coach has offered a message every coach, and every parent, should hear.

Video: Baseball coach delivers a message that all parents need to hear on specializing in one sport, exposure camps, and selfishness

If given 24 hours to run this drill for 15 consecutive seconds, could you do it?

Here's a fascinating account of the Mexican actress that brokered the meeting between Sean Penn and El Chapo.

The Harbaughs hate George Costanza, for reasons that will become clear when you click this link.

Don’t be a George Costanza, and other coaching lessons from Jim Harbaugh

As a card-carrying member of the Sports Should Be Fun crowd, I stand and salute Bryce Harper.

What Duke defensive backs have in common with cheetahs.

Inspired by cheetahs, Duke has nicknamed their defensive backs “The Coalition” for an interesting reason

Let's all continue thinking good thoughts for Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams.

Good stuff here from Mark Richt.

Mark Richt explains why he brought mat drills to Miami: “It’s about the details”