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Five O'Clock Shadow - Meerkat, monkey and llama edition

News & Notes

  • Duke offensive line coach John Latina has announced his retirement, and QC Marcus Johnson has been promoted to offensive line coach.
  • Oklahoma has brought back former Sooner Calvin Thibodeaux as defensive line coach.
  • Texas A&M will hire Mississippi State's David Turner as defensive line coach.
  • An arbitrator has ruled NFL owners hid $120 million and must return it to players, boosting the salary cap by more than $1.5 million.
  • Bowl games could be coming to Austin and Charleston, S.C., as soon as this year.
  • Washington Redskins owner Bruce Allen confirmed Robert Griffin III will play elsewhere this season.

And now for the rest of the story...

What are you scrapping from your practices?

Programs everywhere are scrapping things like the Oklahoma drill and two-a-days from practices. See more ideas here

..... I'm sorry, what?

Tennessee holds major press conference with every head coach from its athletics department... and it's athletics director wasn't there.

Tennessee athletics department holds major press conference, without its athletics director

Is it just me or does this picture not look real?

Think successful people never dealt with self-doubt to get where they are today? Think again.

Just Keep Climbing: How a champion coach and NFL quarterback worked through self-doubt

I loved this.

Really like how Arkansas has delved into its history here.

Map: Arkansas took a deep dive into 50 years of recruiting

Poor, poor Jeremy Corbyn.

A former NFL player shared the craziest questions he received at the combine.

A former NFL player shared the most ridiculous questions he was asked at the NFL Combine

David Beaty explains why Kansas recruits "as a family."

David Beaty explains why the Kansas staff doesn’t recruit individually: “We recruit as a family”