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Five O'Clock Shadow - Trollin' Urban Edition

News & Notes

  • The Sun Belt announced Tuesday it will move forward without Idaho and New Mexico State after the 2017 season.
  • Mississippi State hired longtime NFL assistant Brian Baker as its defensive line coach.
  • Kentucky formally announced Steve Clinkscale as defensive backs coach.
  • Former Maryland offensive coordinator Mike Locksley joined Alabama's army of football analysts.
  • The Buffalo Bills are parting ways with former No. 1 pick Mario Williams.
  • It pays to play QB. The Redskins are franchising Kirk Cousins at close to $20 million a year and the Eagles are handing Sam Bradford $26 million guaranteed over two years.

And now for the rest of the story...

They've been moving this way already, but Ivy League teams will no longer tackle during game-week practices.

The Ivy League will no longer tackle in practice during the regular season

What's the old saying, when the Wolverine is away the Buckeyes will play? This is a well-timed commitment by Urban Meyer and Mark Pantoni.

Donald Trump, make something up? No way.

D.J. Durkin, Maryland head coach, explains why he has the fourth-most head coaching experience on his own staff.

DJ Durkin explains why he hired three former head coaches at Maryland: “I want guys that can speak from experience”

Between this, the Starter Jackets, and Grandamama, the Hornets are set to STRAIGHT DOMINATE the 1990's.

Gus Malzahn with a very Gus Malzahn approach to Michigan's spring break trip.

Gary Andersen surprises Oregon State walk-on with a scholarship in an awesome way.

Video: Oregon State players pull prizes out of a hat, and a walk on gets surprised with a scholarship

The 1930's, everybody.

LSU president F. King Alexander backs up the governor's threat that LSU football could be in jeopardy.

LSU president backs up Louisiana governor’s threat that LSU football could go away… maybe

Please, please tell me you will never spend $50 on infant shoes... unless they're guaranteed to make your little tike shoot like Steph.