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Five O'Clock Shadow - Unnecessary Reboot Edition

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And now for the rest of the story...

Michael Jordan remains the best. Ever.

Join our bracket pool and have fun. That's an order.

Join the FootballScoop March Madness bracket

The NCAA is altering its bland, uniform NCAA Tournament court design for a slightly less bland, uniform court design.

What if the NCAA Tournament was played by each school's football teams?

What if the NCAA Tournament was played by football teams?

One day after one of its executives admitted a link between professional football and CTE, the NFL is now walking back those comments.

The FCS Kickoff has quickly become one of our favorite scheduling traditions going.

The 2016 college football season will once again begin with North Dakota State

"Indiana Jones and the $20 Million He Just Couldn't Turn Down" coming to a theater near you.

One can only assume the moat idea was floated by a Redskins employee looking for a way to keep Dan Snyder out.

The latest concept for the new Redskins’ stadium shows it surrounded by a moat