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Florida high school claims to have created "the best turnover motivator" in the country

As we touched on a week or so ago, the popularity among fan bases and players alike surrounding the Miami turnover chain has spawned other programs putting their own spin on the idea and making it theirs.

Remember The House Call big play prop from Southside Charter HS (AR)?

North Fort Myers HS (FL) is the latest to do that, sharing with us that they believe they've created the "best turnover motivator in the country."

The prop is a shield, crafted by Red Knights defensive coordinator Pat O'Brien. As you look at it, you'll notice a lot of details, and every single one of those fine details has a purpose and meaning behind it.

The Fort Meyers staff shared the following details that accompany the shield pictured below.

Shield OB

Red - Honors a display of strength in battle
Black - Honors tenacity, perseverance, and signifies one who brings grief to his adversary
Silver - Honors integrity and reliability
White - Honors commitment and being unshakeable

Chief (the red bar across the top) - Acknowledges achievement in battle
Chevron (red bar across the middle) - Salutes faithful service; a protector

Gyphon - Represents a valiant defender of treasure; vigilance
Helmet - Represents wise defense
Dragon - Represents the most valiant of all defenders of treasure; double dragons means twice the value of the treasure (in this case the football)
Sword - Represents a just and generous pursuer

One of the coolest things about the shield is the translation of the Welsh text at the top of it stands for "Shield of turnover.

Whether North Fort Myers has the best motivational turnover prop or not is a matter of opinion, but regardless of where you stand on that you've really got to admire the attention to detail that went into it.

More and more of these are going to pop up as the season gets closer, and I'm excited to see how more programs are taking the Turnover Chain concept Miami has made so popular, and how they make it their own.