Nick Savage got the promotion to head strength coach under Dan Mullen at Mississippi State after Savage – then 26 years old – impressed Mullen as the interim head strength coach heading into their bowl game just a few years ago. Mullen made it a point to send a clear message to athletic director Scott Stricklin that they needed to keep Savage around.

Of course, Savage stuck around and now all three are reunited again at Florida.

Savage shared a bit about his philosophy in an article that Florida pushed out today, and it includes some interesting insight.

“We’re going to do things the right away. If you do things the wrong way there are going to be consequences and it doesn’t matter who you are or what position you play. Everyone is equal. In January, they’ll find out very quickly that whatever their actions are they’ll be held accountable for those action, and that includes every word that comes out of their mouths.”

They’re going to learn how to be grown men, not only with how they train and prepare for the season, but how they go about their daily lives inside the building and outside of it.”

Another overriding theme of Savage’s philosophy is an attention to detail and making sure the what they do in the weight room mirrors the type of team that coach Mullen wants on the field.

“To make sure no one misunderstands, what we’re about to do in this weight room is strictly coming from Coach Mullen,” Savage said. “He has his program identity that he’s going to run. It’s my job to implement this room — to promote contenders and expose pretenders — and fit that identity. We will do that.”

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