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Florida staffer that lost his job following felony accusations has had charges dismissed

Back in late May, Florida assistant director of player personnel Otis Yelverton was let go from his position on Dan Mullen's staff after accusations of cyberstalking were brought forth by his former girlfriend.

The two had recently gone through a breakup after a year together and, despite the accusations and being arrested and charged with a third-degree felony back in April, Yelverton maintained that he was innocent.

After an investigation, the State's Attorney's office has decided to not press charges.

Regarding the situation, the Orlando Sentinel shares, "The one statement in the various exchanges between the parties that could be construed as a threat is legally insufficient to form the basis for a prosecution,” Alachua County State attorney Bill Cervone stated.

Yelverton shared the following statement on the matter via his lawyer:

I want to thank the State Attorney’s office for their thoughtful consideration of the evidence in this matter and the decision not to file charges against me. From the very beginning, I have maintained my innocence and trusted the judicial system - and others - that I would be afforded the due process granted to every citizen of this country. Today, I am vindicated. This matter was about two people that cared for each other, struggling over a period of time with the dissolution of our relationship. In that process, hurtful words were exchanged. While not a crime, I deeply regret using hurtful language and am committed to being more mindful of the things I say and the context in which I say them. I already have begun seeing a counselor to help me better handle such difficult personal situations.

Because I am a father to daughters, it is important that I make clear that there have never been any allegations of violent behavior by me, not during this process or any other relationship I have ever had. Violence against women of any sort is offensive to me, and never have I, nor would I, commit violence against a woman. 

I am very much looking forward to putting this behind me and resuming my career. Unfortunately, I will not be doing so at the University of Florida. The University Athletic Association terminated my employment on May 29, 2019 before this matter could be resolved in the judicial system and despite my statements of innocence and repeated requests for patience.

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