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Florida State, and the rest of the country, can learn something from Kansas State

If you're a college coach, or the coach of a large high school program, chances are really good that the day will eventually come when, on one of your special teams, two players will have the same number.

When that day comes, you have a couple of options:

1) Replace one of the players with his backup, and (as long as the talent drop off isn't huge) the issue is solved.

2) You can solve this with the classic switch-a-roo, and slip another jersey on one of the players for the one special team, and then slip it off when he comes to the sideline. If you get your guys trained like Florida State does here, it takes some work, but it seems to be the preferred method of programs everywhere.

3) OR, the third option is figuring out the magic that Kansas State is using on their sidelines with their tearaway uniforms, which the video from Florida State reminded of. My guess is Kansas State has velcro on the side of the jersey to expedite the changing process.

After seeing the video from Florida State earlier this morning, and being reminded of how difficult it can be to change jersey's over the pads when sweat and humidity get involved, I couldn't help but wonder: How are there not other programs copying this?

Wait????? What????

— Kent (@RealKentMurphy) October 12, 2015