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Florida State has announced plans and renderings for a $60 million football facility

After kicking around the idea dating back to the Jimbo Fisher days, Florida State has finally announced plans and renderings for a new standalone football facility.

The facility, to be built around the current practice fields, is priced at $60 million and is part of $100 million fundraising push for all of athletics.

The new home for Florida State football will have a dedicated training facility, 13 position meeting rooms, a walk-thru meeting area next to those meeting rooms, a new locker room and offices for the football staff, team meeting rooms, new recruiting lounge, and nutrition and fueling areas as well as a host of other amenities.

Interestingly enough, the space will also include an area dedicated to "virtual reality / performance enhancement areas."

Athletic director Dave Coburn added the following on the football facility via the school's release:

“The new home for our football program will allow us to expand the spaces in the Moore Athletic Center for academic services, sports medicine, dining, and strength and conditioning that are shared by all our sports,” said Coburn. “It will be a dramatic improvement for all our support efforts, which has a direct impact on the experience of our world-class student-athletes.”

Mike Norvell and his staff have to be fired about about selling this to future Seminoles.

Take a look at a few of the renderings below, courtesy of

Florida State Facility
FSU Facility 1
FSU facility 2
FSU Facility 3
FSU Facility 4
Florida state training room