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Florida State players call out their staff, again

Florida State wide receiver Warren Thompson posted a letter to Twitter on Thursday complaining about the staff's treatment of players.

"It has been shown to myself and the rest, that our leadership is based off an ‘I' mentality with them only worried about their own future rather than their own athletes," he wrote. "I have been ridiculed about speaking up regarding this issue and it needs to be addressed for myself to safely continue the season."

View the full letter below.

Thompson's vague letter was joined by even more vague tweets by his teammates.


The tweets came as Florida State was scheduled to be on the practice field Thursday morning.

Tamorrion Terry's mother tweeted this as well.

The situation appears to stem from a player testing positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. According to ESPN, players believe that the player felt sick prior to testing, but was still able to participate in position meetings, which led to others having to quarantine. Additionally, parents don't believe that weekly testing has been taking place and also believe that players who have tested positive have been told to be quiet about the results. This is not the first time Mike Norvell's new staff has been publicly called out by their players. Defensive tackle Marvin Wilson accused Norvell of exaggerating the program's outreach to its Black players during the George Floyd protests of late May and early June. The players threatened to boycott voluntary workouts, but Norvell issued a statement and the team moved forward, seemingly stronger than before. Now, with an already perilous season inching ever closer, the Florida State football team is in conflict again. The team is scheduled for its first scrimmage on Saturday. We'll see if that happens.

Update: Norvell spoke following Florida State's practice this morning.