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Florida State tweeted an impressive graphic showing just how stacked their 2013 National Title team was

Florida State

Florida State's 2013 national championship was absolutely stacked with NFL talent like Jameis Winston, Telvin Smith, Jalen Ramsey, Ronald Darby, and Kelvin Benjamin just to name a few dudes.

Earlier today, Florida State's recruiting account blasted out the following tweet illustrating just how loaded that team was with NFL talent. All 22 players in these shots are on NFL rosters, a handful are starters, there are two Pro Bowlers, and Telvin Smith was recently highlighted by the NFL Network as one of the 100 players of 2016.

Below are the two pictures blown up to make them a bit easier to read.


It's possible that 2013 Seminoles team is in the conversation as one of the most loaded with NFL talent teams in college football history. Right up there with the 2000 Miami Hurricanes squad perhaps?

These graphics certainly give that conversation some legs.