The player who went public last week with his complaints against Florida State’s coaching staff has now walked those claims back significantly.

“Playing football with Florida State University, my coaching staff and my teammates is exactly what I want to do,” wide receiver Warren Thompson said in a statement.

“With all the fear in the world. the confusion and concerns regarding this matter may cloud judgment on this arising problem in this country. My apologies on comments earlier this week that did not accurately depict my feelings towards this program and its leadership.

“Today I am grateful for the diligent efforts from myself and Coach Norvell to move forward. I am hopeful that this will be a great season of Seminole football. I am also confident in Coach Norvell and the future ahead of us.”

That’s a sharp reversal from his statement on Thursday, where he said, among other things, “I want to play for Florida State University and have a great season for myself and our supporters. The lies from our leaders have backed myself into a corner putting my overall well being in jeopardy. The neglect to respond to this issue is very concerning and why I’ve drown (sic) attention to it.”

The Thompson saga followed a similar playbook as other campus controversies that have popped up over the summer, where he a player alleges mistreatment of some kind by a coach and others come out to contradict his account.

This is the second off-field controversy Florida State has endured during Mike Norvell’s brief tenure thus far. The first came when Norvell mistakenly overstated his level of communication with the team in the wake of the George Floyd protests, which he admitted and apologized for.

The challenge for coaches moving forward will be to convince players to handle internal conflicts in-house instead of turning to the worldwide microphone each one carries around in his pocket.

In the meantime, Florida State held its first scrimmage of the Norvell era on Saturday. They are scheduled to be back on the practice field Monday.

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