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5 yards from their first win, a Texas HS program decided to take a knee and remind us of an important life lesson

Thursday Update>

Good news to share.... Local ABC13 is reporting that the injured Tompkins player is out of the hospital and doing much better.

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Every once in a while, football provides a moment that serves as a reminder that there is much more to life than wins or losses. That's precisely what happened during a JV game in Texas last week.

The Woodlands HS (TX), down 28-29 to Tompkins HS (TX), were driving late in the game with only seconds left. Quarterback Will Jentry completed a pass to a receiver to get them inside the five-yard line with a chance to win the game with just seconds remaining.

However, as soon as the receiver was tackled, it was clear that the Tompkins player that made the tackle was hurt badly. After taking some time to evaluate the player, Life Flight was called in to rush him to the hospital.

With a few seconds on the clock, and just feet away from punching the ball in to get their first win of the season, The Woodlands HS staff decided instead to take a knee, and players showed that they are mature beyond their years.

Afterwards, The Woodlands coach David Colschen praised his team for seeing the life lesson in the gesture.

"None of our kids said a single thing. None of them complained, and you know, they were fighting for their first victory and none of them complained. Afterwards, the most amazing thing was how thankful our kids were that we made that decision."

Players talk about the lesson that the moment taught them in the video.

What happened last Thursday in Texas is a scary reminder of the risks involved in football, but the decision by the coaching staff to take a knee after that provided a truly special moment that exemplifies why so many people love this game and the lessons that it teaches both kids and adults.

Football has its fair share of critics out there, but credit the coaching staff and kids for this great reminder of what the game of football is capable of.

The Woodlands JV with a great show of sportsmanship.

— Bob Slovak (@BobSlovak13) September 14, 2016