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Football Canada has decided to put an age limit on tackle football

Football in Canada already has their differences from what we're used to seeing here in America; they get 12 players while we play with 11, they get to have receivers running full speed toward the line of scrimmage before the snap while our remain stationary, and there's also the distinct difference in field size.

Our neighbors to the north decided yesterday to restrict tackle football to certain age groups. Starting immediately, tackle football has been banned for players under 8 years old, and by 2022 the nation's governing body (Football Canada) will outlaw tackle football for all players under 12 while advocating for flag football for their young boys and girls.

You may remember lawmakers in California proposed legislation last year that first planned to ban tackle football until high school before being tweaked to ban tackle football before age 12. It generated a lot of passionate discussion, but was ultimately pulled due to a lack of support before it reached a committee vote.

Football Canada seems to have picked things up where that one left off with this latest decision.

Only time will tell if a tackle football ban until a certain age is something that starts to catch on more here in the United States.

See the comments on the new ban in the video and tweets below.