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Why is football important? Dabo explains how a trip to the emergency room helped open his eyes

With a microphone in his hand at an event at the College Football Hall of Fame, where he was accepting the MacArthur Bowl National Championship from the National Football Foundation, Dabo Swinney laid out what it is that makes football special.

First, he started with fans of all different races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds packing stadiums to support their teams and what a special atmosphere that makes.

Then, Dabo reflected on a trip to the emergency room to support one of his players one night about three-quarters of the way through their special season last year, where he had an interesting encounter with a Clemson fan who was on his way into be seen by doctors.

Swinney wraps up by explaining the core of what makes football so important by reflecting back on some special moments he's seen as a coach from his players.

See Dabo's full response in the clip. This is some great stuff.

MUST HEAR: @ClemsonFB Dabo Swinney on why football is important. Love to hear his stories! Here's the full answer

— Cody Chaffins (@Cody_Fox5) June 1, 2017