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"Football isn't about the numbers or egos. It's about the alphabet"

For the last several off seasons, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been one of the hottest NFL names for head coaching openings.

Yet somehow, despite the success Kansas City has had, Bieniemy has been passed up while organizations decide to fill their vacant head coaching jobs with other candidates.

Yesterday, coach Bieniemy had the opportunity to show off one of his more well respected coaching traits outside of creating effective offensive game plans - his ability to effectively communicate while also sharing the types of things that have made them successful as an organization the last few days.

"Sometimes professional sports have a tendency to think that it is all about the numbers and egos. Sometimes I think that people forget that we play a team game. This is what has made us special. We are going to do whatever is needed to go out there and win."

"We talk about this each and every week - it's not about the numbers. It's about the alphabets. The only two alphabets that matter in this industry are the W and the L. Whatever we have to do to get that W, that is all that matters."

"Ideally, we want all of our players to have all the success that they can, but know this, if we can do this together and do it for one another and do it the right way, it will give us a chance to have a chance to go out and pursue the sports that we want to pursue."

It's hard to believe after watching that clip that there have been numerous head coaching jobs that Bieniemy has been passed up for, but something tells me his day may be coming this next head coaching cycle.

See the full clip below.