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"Football does not care if you're rich or poor. When that ball snaps, it's just you and him"

For those that haven't been following, the NFL Network has been doing a docu-series on the program at Valdosta HS (GA). For a long, long time, Valdosta HS was considered one of the best high school football program in the entire country, but times change and the area has fallen on some hard times recently.

Alan Rodemaker has been the man charged with restoring the program to it's previous glory, and the docu-series follows the program everywhere. So when cameras were in the locker room to catch on of Rodemaker's pregame talks, something he said really resonated with me.

"Ever since I've been here they've looked down their noses at you. They look down their noses at me. They think you're the bottom-feeder. They think you're the poor kids. They always have. This is the one time that you've got a chance to set that straight."

"Because football does not care whether you're rich or poor. It don't care who your daddy is, football doesn't care. When that ball snaps, it's just you and him."

Someone is going to put that on the wall of their facility somewhere, I just know it. GREAT stuff.

“Football doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor.

When that football snaps, it’s just you and him.”

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— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) September 19, 2017