The NCAA’s Division I Council on Wednesday formally approved the schedule recommended last week by the Football Oversight Committee.

“This is the culmination of a significant amount of collaboration in our effort to find the best solution for Division I football institutions,” said Shane Lyons, chair of the committee and director of athletics at West Virginia, said last week. “Our student-athletes, conference commissioners, coaches and health and safety professionals helped mold the model we are proposing.”

The schedule breaks out as follows (assuming a team begins games Sept. 5):

— Up to eight hours per week of mandatory weight training, conditioning and film review (though no more than two hours of film review) from July 13-23

— Beginning July 24 and running through Aug. 6, teams may engage in up to 20 hours per week (no more than four hours per day) of:

  • Up to eight hours a week of conditioning
  • Up to six hours per week of walk-throughs, “which may include the use of a football”
  • Up to six hours per week of meetings, which may include film review, team meetings, position meetings, one-on-one meetings and any type of meeting therein.

Teams are required to give at least two days off during this 14-day period.

Notably, the model does not make any adjustments to the traditional 29-day preseason practice schedule. If a team begins its season Sept. 5, it could conduct up to 25 practices during that 29-day stretch, with a 5-day acclimatization period.

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