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Football season's officially back, y'all

If you're Bill Belichick, this time of year has to be filled with so many mixed emotions.

Obviously, the arrival of training camp means you get to work on football, to teach, scheme and be around your players and assistants every day for the next 5-to-6 months. That creates a reaction in the pleasure center of Belichick's brain, if indeed such a thing actually exists.

However, it also means dealing with the media on a near-daily basis from late July to, if everything goes according to plan, early February. That takes whatever positive feeling ol' Bill gets out of his pleasure centers and bashes it to death with a meat cleaver, brings it back to life, and then murders it again.

Case in point:

To answer everyone's question, no, it wasn't me.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) July 29, 2016

I mean, did homeboy actually think the Pats would create a quarterback controversy with their 4-time Super Bowl winner just because Jimmy Garoppolo lit the Texans up for a couple touchdowns?

Football season's officially back. Welcome to six straight months of this.