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The @FootballScoop buzz - Monday October 8th

With word breaking last night that Lincoln Riley is making a change at defensive coordinator, the FootballScoop phone has begun to buzz at a steady rate...a rate that won't slow until March. For the next few months, several times a week we'll bring you the latest buzz from within the profession.

FBS head job outlook: Upon checking with industry sources, coaches, athletic directors and agents, FootballScoop is projecting this will be one of the quietest years in the past decade with regards to FBS head coaching positions opening. It is very possible that we will see 14 or fewer FBS programs with new head coaches heading into the 2019 season, which would be a record low for the past decade. We expect a number of "Group of 5" teams to see turnover at the top; but in the Power 5 ranks the opportunities will be few.

NFL to pull some top level college assistants: One whisper FootballScoop has consistently heard over the past few months is that NFL teams will look to bring in top level college assistants over the next few years as NFL staffs age and seek to refresh themselves with guys who will be the building blocks in the league for years to come.

Group of 5 to look to FCS to find best solutions: A whisper that coaches and ADs alike have expressed to us is that the solution for many Group of 5 programs is expected to be found among the best and brightest at the FCS level. The level of play at the FCS level has never been better; and these guys know how to build and operate a program on a budget. Group of 5 programs can't afford to hire away top coordinators from Power 5 schools anymore. Expect several FCS head coaches to be candidates to move up this offseason; if they find the right fit this could have ripples across the profession for years to come.

As the season progresses we'll dive into specific job openings; but in the meantime hit The Scoop daily to keep up with the latest movement and openings.