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Podcast: Talking Oregon, Chip Kelly, and....

This may be our best episode yet. It's certainly our shortest.

A real possibility exists that Chip Kelly will leave UCLA and return to Oregon. For the sake of argument, let's assume that happens.

As of Jan. 14, Kelly would have to pay $9 million to get out of his contract at UCLA.

As of Jan. 15, that number drops to zero.

If you're Oregon, does it make sense to pay that $9 figure now, or wait a month and change? If you're UCLA, do you make a deal with Oregon to get something now, rather than waiting a month to get nothing

That's the conversation Scott and Zach have when news breaks in like the Kool Aid man. It's a great listen, if not for the conversation than for a peak at what happens when at FootballScoop HQ when news breaks.

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