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FootballScoop radio - Stec shares all about moving to Missouri State

One of the most interesting decisions of this off-season was Missouri defensive coordinator Dave Steckel (better known simply as Stec) choosing to accept Missouri State's offer to become their new head coach. Stec is largely considered one of the best guys in coaching and countless coaches are pulling for him to succeed in this new role at Missouri State.

Last night Stec joined me on FootballScoop radio to discuss all things related to this move. We touch on how he decided to accept this opportunity, how he was able to fill out his staff within a day or two, what the staff has been doing in the past two months, how he informed his players at Missouri, how he plans to handle game day responsibilities and much more. Great content throughout this interview, have a listen.

One final note, for years Stec has been known to use "Giddy up". I can confirm the new close is now "Bear up". Like it.