As a play caller at the high school level, I’m glued to the TV every Saturday flipping from channel to channel looking for a new scheme, formation, or wrinkle that may give us an advantage against our opponent the coming week. Over the last year or so I’ve discovered that there are some really innovative minds on Twitter also sharing some really good football content as well, often as it happens live.

Since I spend my weekend compiling ideas from both live games and social media, I know there are other coaches doing the same thing, out there looking for creative ways to get better. So I wanted to create a space where I can share some of the more interesting plays, schemes, trick plays, and wrinkles that I come across over the weekend. Some are actually from the weekend’s games, while others are just concepts worth revisiting because they’re good or effective.

My hope is that this starts to become a collaborative space where we can all share ideas, while also recognizing what some of the top coordinators in the game are doing.

Introducing the FootballScoop #SchemeVault, where each week I’ll compile tweets, videos, and anything else I found interesting and X and O related to pass along.

There are a lot of good social media accounts out there sharing quality X&O content, so if you see one I should be aware of, let me know via Twitter @CoachSamz or email me at [email protected].

From the Giants vs. Lions game last night

Weber State with an interesting trick play

Andy Reid and Kansas City may be the most innovative offense in the NFL, and here’s a great example

When you’re punter has a cannon for an arm, you can do stuff like this

I really liked this design from the Eagles

Here are a few from the Ohio State vs. Oklahoma game, worth sharing

Really nice pop pass design from Penn State vs. Pitt

You know you dialed something interesting up when the DBs in the end zone have their hands up in frustration and confusion (via Purdue)

Nice play action exchange route design from WVU

Interesting RPO from the Bucs