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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault

Another week, and another installment of the FootballScoop #SchemeVault featuring some of the best schemes and calls from the top coordinators in NFL, college, (and this week) high school football!

This is a thing of beauty for offensive line guys

Nice, simple concept here from Oklahoma

Everyone runs a slip screen of some sort, but what they do with the TE here is an interesting wrinkle (two views)

Sprint Draw!

Some more great Nick Saban coverage stuff

The Eagles with a modern twist on the triple option

Weak Smoke blitz from the Lions

Philly using tackle over formation

This from Wazzu, featuring the words "impossible to cover," always grabs my attention

Nice wrinkle to the fade smash concept

Great look at triangle match coverage executed nicely

A nice alternative to the end of game / half Hail Mary

Simple red zone RPO from WVU

Nice RPO concept from Ohio State here

Case for when RPOs aren't always the answer

Shallow screen concept

I'm always looking for quality stuff to share on this page, especially on the defensive side of things, so if you see something worth sharing in the #SchemeVault with other coaches, let me know via Twitter @CoachSamz or via email at