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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault - Week 5

This week's action was full of some really interesting stuff. Among some of the best that caught my eye:

  • a drop kick onside followed by a TE throwback for a TD
  • a new way to kick out the c-gap defender on power
  • Memphis running the muddle huddle
  • funky punt formation from New England
  • A fat guy screen for a touchdown

Check all that, and more, out below.

I have also taught the J-Block for power for the fullback / sniffer, but really like this

Really like the way the Panthers isolation of the best offensive player on a linebacker

Little double dip here. How many people knew you could do this? Then the design for the touchdown pass is beautiful.

Memphis getting tricky

This corner blitz from Kirby Smart and Georgia worked to absolute perfection

Anyone see the advantage to this alignment?

The old offensive lineman screen!

Really interesting way to run switch verticals