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The FootballScoop Spring Tour


Next week we're rolling out on the annual Spring Tour. Yes, that means @OT_Software and myself popping up at 10 or so of your favorite programs.

You might recall a few years back we traversed the Pac-12...and then we did Notre Dame & a good slug of the Big Ten programs. There are stories...for days. Always a great time visiting programs with Mike from OT.

This year, we're leaving Monday, heading up to Oklahoma first and then making way across the great state of Texas. Some of our stops will include Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Texas, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M & Houston; but there will be others. Follow along the next two weeks on Twitter & on the site as we visit with coaches & support staff here there and everywhere and help tell their stories. Should be a great ride.

Michigan native @Coach_Samz did the Big Ten tour last time. This year, he's snowed in and will remain up in Michigan with the keys to the site.

FootballScoop's resident Texan, @Zach_Barnett will hitch a ride this year, serving as backseat driver / navigator / trip scribe.

We'll have pictures, stories and some video from each program with visit.

If anyone has any food, drink or other required stops along our path, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're going to have some fun. Hope you guys enjoy following along.