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The FootballScoop #Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

Every Monday during the college football season, we'll recap all the events that no one expected to see over the weekend with the #Twitter12Pack.

Here's a recap of the craziness from week 1 of action.

1 - Jackson State's mascot got a 15-yard penalty for this...

2 - Coach Babers didn't catch an errant sideline ball, so he got down and did 15 push ups, just like he and his staff require of players who drop balls

3 - Georgia State went to Knoxville and beat Tennessee 38-30...and this alignment and execution makes no sense when you have a defensive mastermind as head coach

4 - Can't be wearing DBU shirts in pregame and then do this...

5 - This is sorcery

6 - Nope. That's not where the "G" goes fellas. Good try. Good effort.

7 - What are the chances he makes this kick? Really unfortunate name for a kicker

8 - You couldn't script this any better...

9 - The hit is outstanding...the reaction by #69 on the sideline is even better

10 -Interesting call down 35-0

11 - Wait...this guy's name is what? De'Coldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford. For REAL!

12 - I'll forever remain on Twitter, even if it's just to catch the tweets that Lane Kiffin quote-replies to.