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Former Alabama player doesn't want his image used in Tennessee recruiting graphics

In February, Texas A&M used Jimbo Fisher's success with Jalen Ramsey at Florida State as a pitch to bring recruits to College Station... which Ramsey had a problem with.

We now have another such instance.

This time around, Tennessee threw a bunch of former Alabama and Florida State players into a graphic to promote new Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt and defensive coordinator Charles Kelly.

Ronnie Harrison, a third-round pick out of Alabama in last month's drafted and featured in the bottom right corner of the graphic, objected to the use of his image in a Tennessee recruiting material.

The issue is complicated even more than the Ramsey-Texas A&M affair by the fact that Alabama and Tennessee are rivals. Michigan also drew flak this spring after using Ed Warinner's Ohio State players in a Michigan graphic. It makes perfect sense that Harrison would not want his success at Alabama used as a tool to help recruit players that one day may beat Alabama.

But then again, what is Tennessee supposed to do? In the long run-up to his first game, Pruitt has no on-the-field successes to recruit with, so he uses his past successes. And who really expects Tennessee to not use Pruitt and Kelly's NFL resumes as a recruiting tool?

As long as the NFL exists, schools will use their coaches' development of future pros as clubs in their recruiting bag -- even if those players happened to play for rivals.