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Former Auburn player Heath Evans: I'll be the head coach

Auburn lost to LSU on Saturday. But not only did Auburn lose, the Tigers blew a 20-0 lead to a team that couldn't score on Mississippi State, Troy or Florida, falling 27-23. It was Auburn's fourth loss in Baton Rouge as a top-10 team, and knocked War Eagle out of the national championship hunt.

Afterward, former Auburn fullback Heath Evans vented his frustration as many of us do here in 2017 -- through his fingers. Evans nominated himself to be Auburn's head coach for a fifth of Gus Malzahn's salary, which would still be roughly a million dollars.

-I'd take the Auburn HC job for 1/5 of what they pay now & never ask for a raise b/c I LOVE AUBURN!

-Give me the financial tools to higher (sic) the best OC/DC/Asst HC money can buy & I'd give the Auburn Family what they deserve every Saturday.

-Give me full control to recruit who/how I want w/ no interference from AD/Board.

-I'd gladly spear-head the fundraising amongst our great Universities (sic) Alum to enable our ability to do all it needs to do to stay competitive & compliant.

-I've got the same NFL connections/relationships that other coach across the great State of Alabama has to offer these kids to help leverage recruiting.

-My staff would turn all this great talent into mentally/emotionally/physically tough disciplined young men.

-What other coaching candidate would have recommendation letters from 2 Super Bowl winning head coaches?

Evans, who played for the Seahawks, Dolphins, Patriots and Saints before leaving the NFL after the 2010 season, has no coaching experience. He works now as an analyst for NFL Network and Fox Sports and as a motivational speaker.