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Former Bowling Green players settles with school for $712,000 for not recognizing he had a concussion


Every once in a while, something happens in the football landscape that catches our attention and when we feel like a story is relevant to our audience, we share the facts. One of those issues that catches our eye on occasion has to due with concussion lawsuits.

That brings us to Bowling Green, where former offensive lineman Cody Silk and BG have settled out of court to the tune of $712,000.

Silk receives the settlement after stating that the Bowling Green coaches and training staff during his time with the team didn't pull him out of a drill after he had suffered multiple concussions, which led to a permanent brain injury. That injury forced Silk to be permanently pulled from practice and ESPN notes how he would forget his name, or where he parked his car.

Silk was no longer on the team in the fall of 2010, and later dropped out of school, citing ongoing concussion symptoms and the loss of his football scholarship.

According to ESPN, in a statement that BGSU provided they note that they didn't do anything to injure the former player and that their decision to settle out of court was due to the "uncertainty and risks of a trial."

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