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Former LSU AD Alleva recommended firing Les Miles amid concerns back in 2013

In late February, some allegations regarding Les Miles surfaced stemming from his time at LSU. The allegations included inappropriate comments and behavior with female staffers, one of which that led to an undisclosed settlement.

LSU later stonewalled requests to obtain documents related to the internal investigation at the time, with Miles' attorney stating that they were of a "highly personal nature."

According to the documents released today, Joe Alleva wanted to let go of Les Miles back in 2013 and he believed they had the cause to do that without owing Les his buyout. Instead, Les stuck around for another three years before being let go four games into the 2016 season.

The findings outlined in the Husch Blackwell report, shares that athletic director Joe Alleva sent the following email was sent by former AD Joe Alleva to school president F. King Alexander:

"Bob and King, thanks for the call more time I want us to think about which scenario is worse for LSU. Explaining why we let him go or explaining why we let him stay. Proactive or reactive...I always believe that people are innocent until proven guilty and in this case I believe he is guilty of insubordination, inappropriate behavior, putting the university, athletic dept and football program at risk. I think we have cause. I specifically told him not to text, call or be alone with any student workers and he obviously didn't listen. I know there are many possible outcomes and much risk either way, but I believe it is in the best interest in the long run to make a break. The court of public opinion would favor us. The court room? On July 2nd we will know more but the facts will remain the same.....thanks."

You can view the entire report and its findings here.

Two years after being let go, Miles agreed to a $1.5 million settlement to his buyout, leaving a bunch of money on the table, as his buyout at the time called for $9.6 million to be paid out in annual installments over a six-year period.

Alleva resigned from his AD post at LSU in April of 2019, and has since been replaced with Scott Woodward.

Keep in mind that the allegations concerning Miles come about two years before the scandal that rocked Baylor and ended Art Briles tenure, and led to many changes at universities about how they handle allegations and Title IX reports.

Miles will enter his third season at Kansas this fall, and holds a 3-18 mark through two seasons.

The question for many now is; What did Kansas know when hiring Miles back in 2019, and how did none of this surface during the vetting process?

See some more excerpts from the report relating to the football program and the culture in the building at the time via Brody Miller below.

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