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Well-liked, veteran coach DeBord remains in Michigan hospital

Former Central Michigan head coach and Power 5 offensive coordinator at multiple programs Mike DeBord continues to fight for his life in UM hospital.

Mike DeBord remains in the University of Michigan hospital, but the veteran college football coach has progressed this week after suffering a severe stroke and brain bleed at his Michigan home.

A former Central Michigan head coach, with stops as offensive coordinator at Indiana, Kansas, Michigan and Tennessee, had surgery Tuesday night to relieve pressure on the brain.

DeBord's son, Tyler, updated the status of his father after DeBord underwent a craniotomy.

“The doctors have been amazing and they have a plan, we are staying strong in our faith,” Tyler DeBord wrote on the family's Facebook page. “There is more work to be done, but this is a GREAT first step!”

Saturday morning, the family announced that DeBord experienced "another small victory. The CT scan showed no more bleeding and the blood thinners are therapeutic. He is still sedated in ICU, but I know he can hear us! Please continue to pray for continued progress!"

The family continued to share in the 24 hours after the craniotomy that DeBord, who helped the Michigan Wolverines to their last national title in 1997, had shown encouraging progress from the procedure.

Additionally on Wednesday, DeBord received an infusion for a blood thinner, “which would eventually diffuse the blood clot,” according to Tyler DeBord.

Friday, DeBord's daughter, Carla, shared an update on her father.

“It's been one of the toughest weeks of my life for my family and me,” she wrote on Facebook. “Seeing someone I love fight for their life, while watching people who love him hurt with uncertainty, has rocked me to my core.

“However, God continues to provide, even in the darkest hours.”

She further went on to share, “The past few days, we have celebrated some small wins, and we will continue to believe that these wins will lead to a HUGE win! As Mike DeBord always says, 'Win the Day!'.”