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Former Rutgers head coach Chris Ash lays out the type of job he's looking for next

Since being let go at Rutgers, Chris Ash has done what most college football coaches do who have some time on their hands - he's spent some quality time with his wife and kids and also gotten out and visted some other programs to see how they're run.

Ash, the former Ohio State defensive coordinator who led the Rutgers program for 40 games and an 8-32 mark over three seasons and some change, has also started to think of his next move in the coaching profession, according to Buckeye Extra, who adds that Ash is "eager" to get back on the sideline.

The article states that Ash hopes to get back on a staff as a defensive coordinator, or is looking to pursue opportunities at the NFL level.

Prior to his time in Columbus, Ash called defenses at Drake (1998-99), Wisconsin (2011-12) and Arkansas (2013), and has a wealth of experience coaching defensive backs at Iowa State, San Diego State, and Wisconsin.

Looking back on taking one of the tougher turnaround jobs in college football, Ash shares that he doesn't regret the decision to take the Rutgers job at all, and believes he's a better coach now because of the experience in Piscataway.

“Right now, I can say after my time here that I’m the best coach that I have been, and that’s after what I just went through. I got better. I learned a lot. I improved a lot as a coach. As long as I could do that, then that wasn’t a mistake.”

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