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Former USC AD Pat Haden reportedly under scrutiny in college admissions scandal

Former USC AD Pat Haden is under scrutiny in the ongoing college admissions bribery scandal, according to the Los Angeles Times.

For those unaware, the FBI has uncovered a massive federal bribery ring -- dubbed Operation Varsity Blues -- in which wealthy parents of college-aged children contacted William Singer, who devised schemes for parents to bribe their children's way into elite schools. The scheme ranged from fraudulently arranging extra time for students to take the ACT and SAT to, most commonly, inflating or outright fabricating students' athletics credentials in order to bribe college coaches to get the kids into school.

To date, the scandal has largely centered on Olympic sports -- the (now former) Texas tennis coach, Yale women's soccer coach and Stanford sailing coach are among those indicted by the FBI.

But now investigators are interested in Haden, according to both the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, who pocketed more than $1 million for serving as a chairman of a foundation that gave academic scholarships to students at USC and elsewhere. According to the LA Times, Haden, along with his daughter and sister-in-law, saw his income from the foundation rise while the number of scholarships awarded by the foundation fell.

Haden and his family have denied any wrongdoing.

A former USC and NFL quarterback, Haden served as USC's AD from 2010 through 2016.

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