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Four keys to success from the Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden

Through a series of events that we are neither qualified nor inclined to discuss, the identity of the Navy SEAL that shot Osama bin Laden in the spring of 2011 has been revealed. His name is Rob O'Neill.

After his name got out in the media but before he could publicly acknowledge that it was indeed him who fired that fateful shot, O'Neill spoke at a luncheon in Virginia Beach on Monday, imparting his wisdom gleaned through 15 years of service with the Navy to a crowd of local businessmen. If these traits are good enough to succeed as a member of Navy SEAL Team 6, they're good enough to apply to life as a football coach.

Via here are O'Neill's four key points:

1. People skills matter

"Believe it or not, as a Navy SEAL, it's important to get along with other people. People work harder when they believe in each other and they get along."

2. Prepare, but don't overplan

"People tend to sit in a room and do nothing and say, 'We're going to plan and plan and plan until we have the perfect plan.' But they're not doing anything. We learned that the only time the perfect plan exists is in the planning room."

3. Take emotion out of professional decision-making

"Your initial reaction to anything is the wrong reaction.... That's true whether you're taking fire from a mountaintop in Afghanistan, or you're the man or woman landing a jet on an aircraft carrier on high seas at night, or you're the person who makes lattes at 7 a.m. on a Monday at Starbucks and there's a line around the corner."

4. No matter what, never quit

A message from his SEAL training instructor applies to other life challenges: "You're about to go to war for the first time, and the enemy is all your doubts, all your fears, and everyone back home who told you you couldn't do this. Keep your head down. Keep moving forward. No matter what, never quit."