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Four Power 5 programs have been knocked off Twitter in the past three days

It's tough out here on these Twitter streets, y'all. Four Power 5 programs have seen their official football accounts suspended since Saturday.

First it was Iowa and Iowa State, who were both knocked off the platform on Saturday.

On Monday, the disease spread south and east. Auburn and Rutgers have both seen their accounts go dark.

Twitter does not comment on individual accounts, but the most common reason official accounts get knocked offline is for posting copyrighted material, most likely music. Twitter's rules prohibit the unauthorized posting of intellectual property, among other restrictions.

Trademark: We reserve the right to suspend accounts or take other appropriate action when someone’s brand or trademark, including business name and/or logo, is used in a manner that may mislead or confuse others about your brand affiliation. 

Copyright: We will respond to clear and complete notices of alleged copyright infringement. Our copyright procedures are set forth in our Terms of Service

A handful of other programs, including Alabama and Texas, ran into copyright issues on Twitter but eventually had their accounts reinstated. It remains to be seen when the affected four will be back online. Iowa and Iowa State have been offline for more than 48 hours as of this writing.

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