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Four types of coaches that no one wants to hire

Buddy Morris is one of the best known names in the strength coaching profession. For those unfamiliar, Morris has spent the past three seasons with Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals, and prior to that he worked with the Cleveland Browns organization after spending 19 years at the college level.

Most of his time at the college level was spent at Pitt, where he helped develop guys like Dan Marino, Chris Doleman, and Russ Grimm along with 13 guys that went in the first round of the NFL Draft and a total of 15 All-Americans in less than a decade. He's also owned his own gym, worked at the University of Buffalo, and had two more stints at Pitt.

That background leads me to this quote I saw recently attributed to Morris, where he outlines the three guys he'd be afraid of, and one can safely assume from the quote that he's talking specifically about guys that he'd be "afraid" to hire, or at the very least, train under or have his players train under.

Coming from someone as accomplished in the strength profession as Morris, those words carry a lot of weight, and the message can be translated to other walks of life too - including the coaching profession.