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Frank Martin explains why he doesn't let his kids complain about coaching and more on sad realities of youth sports

One of the many reasons that South Carolina men's basketball coach Frank Martin is so well liked among his coaching peers is he tells things like they are. No filter necessary.

Last year, during South Carolina's unlikely run to the Final Four, we were all fortunate enough that Martin spent some additional time in front of the cameras, where he shared wisdom on topics like why there is no such thing as "tough love."

Over the weekend, a video of Martin going off about some of the sad realities of coaching, parenting, and youth sports started to go viral, and in it he shares a number of outstanding points including some interesting insight on how he handles issues with coaches when it comes to his own kids.

"I am the most animated coach that you have probably ever seen, when my team is playing. When I go watch my kids play, I don't say 'boo.' I don't wave my arms. I don't try to coach my kids. With all due respect to most parents out there, I probably know more about basketball than most of them. But I sit in the stands, and I don't say a word."

"I don't try and tell my kid how they should play. You know what I tell my two boys when they come at me? 'Why are you asking me man? I didn't run your practice. Go talk to your coach. Don't talk about your coach in front of me man. Because if you are, then you're not playing basketball. You don't understand why you didn't play better? Go talk to your coach. I'm not your coach, I'm your dad. If someone disrespects you, then I'm here. If you fail, good. Deal with it. I'm going to help you get back up. But don't come talk to me about coaching."

Martin goes on to explain that he tells his kids, "I do this for a living man, I'm not going to criticize a guy that's trying to help you."

Hear more from Martin in the clip.