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Frank Solich's future


Last night there was #MACtion on the field and there was a tweet emanating out of #MACtion land that caused my phone to blow up. On the field Ohio won at NIU 26-21, giving Frank Solich's squad a strong finish. 8 wins this season gives Ohio their best record in the last three seasons.

During the game, Jordan Strack, a reporter out of Toledo tweeted that he heard a rumor that Solich had told his team that he planned to retire after the season.

Sources tell FootballScoop this is absolutely not the case. Multiple sources with knowledge tell us not only did this not happen; but that he has no plans to shut it down this offseason. One source close to Solich added, "He loves the game and the kids. As long as that continues he will continue. Football gets him out of bed each morning." Last night's game completed Solich's 17th season as a head coach (6 at Nebraska & 11 at Ohio). For all the latest news in the coaching profession head to The Scoop.

Completely unrelated to this story; but these two plays occurred in the game last night...thank you #MACtion for making Tuesday night's in November better.