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Franklin on managing play calling and tempo: "3-and-outs are always one of the most disgusting things ever"


Last season, Penn State ranked in the bottom half nationally in third down conversion percentage on offense. With a new offensive coordinator in Joe Moorhead bringing a more uptempo approach, James Franklin was asked during his post practice presser yesterday how they'll manage play calling and tempo so they're not going three-and-out and giving the ball back and putting their defensive back on the field in a matter of minutes.

"You don't want to go three-and-out whether you're running a traditional offense or an uptempo offense," Franklin started by explaining. "The point you're making is a good one - that it is magnified."

"Three-and-outs are always one of the most disgusting things ever, so when you do it in less time, and put your defense right back out on the field, then it magnifies that issue. So it all just comes down to being efficient. You have to be efficient on first down, you have to be efficient on second down, and you've got to be efficient on third down."

"Then, when you are struggling in those ways - which we will not - you have to be willing to make some adjustments. You can't just keep putting your defense out there on the field in quick three and out situations."

Franklin goes on to note how the up tempo approach has forced him to adapt and be flexible during practice as head coach because drills often finish ahead of schedule.