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Franklin's advice to graduates: 'Stay broke and chase your dreams'

Before taking the stage to talk to the most recent graduates of his alma mater, James Franklin asked about 50 people if they could remember who spoke at their college commencement, and what they talked about.

Since no one could really answer with any certainty on either count, Franklin made sure that his commencement speech in front of the most recent graduates of his alma mater at East Stroudsburg University would be something that they always remember.

Franklin touched on many of the cliche, but "must hit" notes of any successful commencement speech including making sacrifice, working hard, remembering to thank those who helped you get to where you are. But it was the last thing that he said to the graduating class that really resonated.

"I'm going to tell you one last thing, and it might sound strange," Franklin noted. "Right now, you are broke college students. Now listen to me, I'm going to say something crazy"

"Stay broke for as long as you possibly can, and chase your dreams. Chase your dreams for as long as you possibly can because once money becomes a part of your decision making process it changes everything."

"Chase your dreams for as long as you possibly can, and the money will come."

Franklin was only at the podium for a little over six minutes (you can see his full speech here starting around the 38 minute mark), but his message was as powerful as any commencement address you'll ever hear and it's applicable to every conceivable profession...especially coaching.

Call your grad assistants, interns, restricted earnings coaches and recent grads to share this one.