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Who is Freddy P. Soft? Jim Harbaugh explains he's the voice responsible for soft players

During Michigan's satellite camp tour where Jim Harbaugh and his staff worked with high schoolers, one reporter heard Jim tell players on occasion "Don't be Freddy P. Soft."

So who the heck is this Freddy P. Soft character?

"He's a four inch guy, that wears a cape and a hat with a plume in it. He's just tall enough to talk right into your ear and tells you, 'You don't have to practice today,' 'Why are you working so hard?' or "Get over there in the shade. There's no reason to attack with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind today. So take break. Take a knee.'"

"Yeah. He's a guy that you don't want around. You want to get him off your shoulder as fast as possible."

Next time you've got players that want to take a knee, or go sit in the shade, make sure you personally check their shoulders for good ole Freddy P. Soft. He's a guy you don't want hanging around.