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Free advice from your local quarterback: There are things in life more important than what you do

We all recall the play, right? The Minnesota Miracle. The Vikings, down 1 to the Saints with 10 seconds to play, were 61 yards from the end zone. Every one was thinking field goal, including Vikings QB Case Keenum.

As you'll hear Keenum explain below, he dropped back and was hoping to advance the ball for a potential field goal. In fact, if you listen to the clip below he says after Stefon Diggs caught the ball Keenum was thinking, "Get out of bounds!" But much to the Saints' and the Who Dat Nation's chagrin, Marcus Williams completely whiffed on the tackle...and the rest is history.

Keenum, signed a new two year - $36 million contract with the Denver Broncos this offseason. Wednesday evening he met with local Denver media recently to discuss that play. The first 5 minutes of the clip below is Keenum explaining the play design, execution and what was going through his head, etc...; but then Keenum shifts gears and gets real. Pick it up at the 6 minute mark, for ... the rest of the story.

Keenum says, "[sideline reporter] Chris Myers asks me like, 'This has got to be the best moment of your life, right?'"

"It just clicked in my head. I think God put something in my head. I'm a strong believer. My faith is a big part of who I am. I think God put something in my heart at that moment. And I said, 'No, this is the third best moment of my life. Giving my life to Christ was number one. Marrying my wife was second. This is third.'"

"You may not believe me. If you saw that game and saw how crazy it was. And how I'm talking about it now, and it has changed my life, it has; but I'm telling you guys. It was the third. If you make those types of moments, if you make football, if you these things that we have, if you make what you do the most important thing, it's just going to let you down. Because how crazy that stadium was, how loud it was, after 45 minutes they kicked us out. The fans had to get out of there. They went home. We left. We went the next week and got our butts kicked by the Eagles. That moment was over."

"I'm going to remember that forever and I hope I have 20 more of those moments here (in Denver) and we're going to remember a lot of those; but if I can encourage you guys...and this if free advice from your local quarterback, man make sure there are things in your life that are more important than what you do. I think its probably the people sitting next to you, your family and your faith....that's a big one."

Listen to Keenum explain in his own words. Powerful.

Video compliments of CBS4 in Denver.