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Freeze: "I don't think that there's any head coach at our level that can control everything that happens"

Back in 2013 the NCAA adopted a new penalty structure for rule violations that has taken aim at holding head coaches more responsible for the infractions. The new rule holds head coaches responsible for the actions of the staff that reports to them.

Ole Miss is currently being investigated by the NCAA, who has alleged that the Rebels committed 28 violations, 9 of which are labeled as improper benefits that happened under Hugh Freeze according to a CBS Sports piece.

Today, at SEC Media Day, Freeze noted that it's impossible for a head coach today to control everything that happens inside his program in today's world.

"I don't think there's any head coach at our level that can control everything that happens in this day in time. You can set the tone, but it's almost impossible that you could control everything."

"If mistakes were made, we're held accountable to a certain standard unless you can prove you set the proper atmosphere for compliance, which I believe we have," Freeze added before noting that they'd likely have a few more recruits right now if it weren't for the investigation, but "it hasn't cost us somebody that knows us."

The facilities of today's college football program are packed to the brim with people helping out in recruiting, compliance, day to day operations, and a variety of other areas, and those staffs are only getting bigger. So, I understand what Freeze is trying to say here that the expectations of a head coach are very, very high and the importance of hiring the right people is more paramount now than ever before, but FBS head coaches are also being compensated like never before as well.

The expectations and salary figures are both high, and that's surely no coincidence.

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